Street Team

Street Team

Are you enthousiastic, sociable and motivated to be a Spartan ambassador in your region?
Come join the 5 000 Spartans Street Team accross the world. We are looking for highly motivated people to promote our races. People who share our values, who actively use various media and personal contacts to promote Spartan Race, and who are able to get people out from their couch to try something new. You will also help us to organize some small events in your region and manage participants on these events.


You should help us to find new people who will participate to a Spartan Race in your country, considering them like a new possible customers that we have to get off the couch and off their confort zone, trying to overpass their limits.

You can do that going into high schools, gyms, sport associations, etc promoting Spartan Race and Spartan philosophy. You can use your personal contacts more contacts that we will give to you (companies, medias, old customers, etc), delivering adv material like flyers, posters and gadgets (obviously, all will be created and consigned to you from your Spartan Race Country Manager).

  • Put Spartan posters in your gym, office, shopping centers etc.
  • Help us to manage some promotional events (Workout, Training etc…)
  • Distribute flyers on events
  • Use your social media to contact people and promote the race
  • Send news to your collegues, family and friends
  • Create your own team

You must be 18 or more and live in France.

The more you will be involved, the more you will get!

You think you have what we are looking for?

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For more informations please visit our FAQ’s.


Spartan Race is not only physically and mentally challenging, it gives people from all walks of life a goal to work towards. Our mission is to get people off the couch and embracing a lifestyle that is adventurous, healthy and stimulating and we need your help!


The Spartan Street team is a group of enthusiastic, outgoing and motivated people who are passionate about health, fitness, wellbeing, pushing themselves to their limits and, in particular, Spartan Race. It is our Street Team that enables us to reach out to communities and encourage them to get motivated and active by committing to a Spartan Race.


You will be our direct representative in your country. Flying, Workout, Trainings etc… these are all the differents missions that you will take care if you want to introduce the STREET TEAM SPARTAN RACE.

More info:

For more information’s please visit our FAQ’s.

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