2017 Spanish Championship Series: Who Will Prevail?

Legends Will Rise

Congratulations to our Spanish Elite Championship Series winners 2017!

Women’s Championship Series winners:
1 Simone Matos: 1.187 Points
2 Elena Rueda: 1176 Points
3 Anna Orozco: 1173 Points
4 Muntsa Ciuró: 1168 Points
5 Filipa Castela: 1162 Points

Men’s Championship Series winners:
1 Albert Soley 1199 Points
2 Alejandro Samper 1192 Points
3 Samuel Castela 1161 Points
4 Cristian Jodar Martos 1145 Points
5 Israel Ferrero Alvarez 1125 Points

Be a part of the Spanish Championship Series. A five race series which has been designed to find the best obstacle racers in the country.

The Spartan Spanish Championship series will be an Elite series comprising of the following 5 events:

Madrid Super – 22 April (Qualifier)
Barcelona Beast – 27 May (Qualifier)
Bilbao Super – 24 June (Qualifier)
Andorra Beast – 16 September (Qualifier)
Cheste Super – 28 October (Finale)

For the Top5 there is a prize purse for the National Championship and a total of € 5.000,- will be distributed among the Top5 racers in both gender categories.

1 Women: 1.000  
2 Women: 750,-  
3 Women: 500,-  
4 Women: 150,-  
5 Women: 100,-  
Same distribution among male category Elite. 

For the Spanish Championship Series ELITE racers will be scored as follows at each of the 5 races:
1st place will score 300 points
2nd place will score 299 points
3rd place will score 298 points…
Down to 299th place which will score 2 points.
300th or lower will score 1 point.

Your Top 4 of your 5 scores of the series will count towards your final standings (your lowest score will be dropped).
In the event of a tie, your placement at the final event (Cheste) will decide your ranking.

All racers must attend the final event in Cheste to be considered for any placement within the Spanish Championship Series. Racers not attending will not be eligible for any prizes or money awards and will be removed from the final standings.

The path to Spartan glory is full of grit, sweat, and accomplishment. Do you have what it takes?