Prepare for Race Day with Spartan Obstacle Specialist

Are Burpees Inevitable?

Spartan Obstacle Specialist is a hands-on course hosted on Friday’s before most Spartan Race weekends from 9am-3pm. The course instructs trainers, coaches, athletes, and Racers of all levels on the rules, physical demands, and specific skills required to complete Spartan’s most fearsome obstacles!

Register to become a Spartan Obstacle Specialist today and improve your skills at climbing ropes and walls, throwing spears, traversing monkey bars, and much more!

We offer the Spartan SGX online workshop to certify individuals to teach Spartan group training classes. You can also pair an online workshop with a one-day Spartan Obstacle Specialist course at a special package rate. At the moment we do not offer SpartanSGX live in Europe.

Spartan OS Schedule


  • September 8
  • September 8
  • September 15
  • September 22
  • September 29
  • October 6
  • October 20
  • October 27
  • October 27
  • November 4


  • Oberndorf, Austria
  • Atlantique
  • Andorra
  • Misano
  • Berlin
  • Circuit Paul Ricard
  • Amsterdam
  • Taranto / Puglia
  • Cheste
  • Sparti